Pressure-Resistible Coal Feeder GM-BSC

The coal has come back into the spotlight as an alternative energy source in thermal power generating facilities around the world. The coal-fired power plant is increase in the privately owned electrical power facilities.

We have been known for decades as established manufacture of weighing equipments that are capable of working in such a harsh environment.

Pressure-resistant gravimetric coal feeder is continuous weighing machine used to weigh and feed specified amount of coal from the coal storage tank directly into the pressurized mill.


Dust Explosion- Proof Load Cell

A dust explosion proof load cell is incorporated as the weighing sensor. It encloses non-activity gas on a metal seal. It is possible to weigh small capacity and high accuracy under the explosion atmosphere.

User-friendly controller / Self-diagnosis
  • The zero and span setting can be adjusted digitally.
  • A built in Programmable Logic Calculator is incorporated in CFC-300 as a standard feature.
  • The load cells and speed detectors are always monitored. The mode is automatically switched over to volumetric operation, if and when an error occurs.
Cylindrically-shaped Pressure-resistant Chamber

Its airtight design does not allow any air to leak out. The cylindrical inlet chute allows the maximum constant flow of coal from the coal storage area-indispensable in securing maximum efficiency.

A specially designed conveyor belt & clean-out conveyor

The conveyor belt is equipped with corrugated lugs (60mm H) to prevent coal from spilling over the sides of the belt. The design and materials used in the conveyor belt leave no gaps. The clean-out conveyor underneath collects any spilled coal to prevent accumulation and eliminate a possibility of natural flashing.