The L-feeder is an innovative loss-in-weight type constant feed weigher, which is based on Yamato’s own loadcell technology, optimal control, self-diagnostic function, remote maintenance system and power handling technology. L-feeder serves manufacturing process of chemical products for it industry.


The l-feeder will increase productivity in large item small volume production such as continuous blending and extruder line etc, assure quality control, and minimize material give aways and maintenance cost.

Main user

Petrochemical industry, Chemical industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Ceramics industry, Food industry, Rubber industry, Iron and Steel industry, Recycling manufacture.

A single L-feeder can weigh and feed all kind of power , pellets and liquids, simply by changing feeders.

Compliance with HACCP, GMP

Control accuracy : ±0.5-1%

According to the results in our laboratory testing, we can propose the optimum system for a particular application and give the customer its specifications.
(sample powder (10 liter) is required for testing)

Explosion-proof system is available.