The DP-5602 has a lot of useful functions such as Checkweighing (over/under) function judged by 3 color LED indicator and a buzzer, Shortage guidance display for making fixed weight packages, Grading function for sorting items by weight, Gross/Net weight indication, etc.
The indicator can also control automatic filling system thanks to 6 set-points.

Checkweighing Function
The Over/Accept/Under weight can be judged by 3 color LED indicator and a built-in buzzer.

Shortage Guidance Display

A full dot LCD with back light made English literature and sweep bar display possible. It indicates the shortage against the target in work unit (one spoon, half cup, 3 pieces or else) at fixed weighing function. This reduces a burden of operators and improves work efficiency.

Grading Function

In addition to the normal grading function, the subtractive grading function is equipped as a standard. This function helps to speed up sorting operation.

Journal Printer (Option)
A built-in Journal Printer, JPS-508 is available as an option.

USB Memory (Option)

It is possible to save weighing results in CSV format in a USB memory. Users can save and re-arrange weighing data simply by inserting the USB memory into a PC. It enables you to avoid data transcription and realize labor saving. It also helps analysis of data for improving work process and efficiency.