Dataweigh OMEGA | Premium Line

Dataweigh Omega, Yamato’s new, innovative and worldwide leading multihead weigher, offers unique benefits: Improved Productivity, Easier Operation, Facilitated Maintenance, Excellent Hygiene standards and a Heightened Dedication to preserve our environment.

  • Technological innovation for higher speed and precision
  • New high frequence technology minimizes load cell vibrations
  • New digital filter for maximum speed
  • New 2-way load cells eliminate low frequency vibrations
  • New toggle-less gating mechanism reduces the mechanical impact on the load cell and suppresses the bucket gating noise
  • New individually adjustable collating chutes for high speed discharge, utmost flexibility and enhanced product diversity
  • High accuracy reduces product waste, thereby improving the yield rate and reducing the power consumption
  • Yamato Auto | Tuning and Yamato’s Automatic Feeding Control (AFC) ensure a continuous and optimal product flow
  • Yamato Feedback | Control for high speed weighing with 60% less power consumption compared to previous model
  • Large product window for perfect sealing contributes to the reduction of packaging waste during production

Easy operation

  • New 12,1” color touch screen monitor
  • The world’s first Auto Tuning function for a quick and easy set-up
  • New self-explanatory user interface

Easy Maintenance

  • Innovative maintenance concept to reduce the time and costs required for maintenance, thereby minimizing downtime
  • All parts are easy to remove
  • Extensive warning systems in case of error
  • Monitoring of the wear of consumable parts indicating point at which they need to be replaced

Enhanced hygienic features

  • Polygon bucket shape facilitates cleaning
  • Complete stainless steel design (Ip67) allows for the highest hygiene standards to be met
  • Special bonding techniques specific to space and aviation technology provide state-of-the-art materials for the buckets