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Yamato has been at the leading edge of weighing technology for more than 90 years. Along with the use of new technologies, the development of new products relies on our broad experience, our creativity, our unrivaled know-how and our power of innovation. Beside our globally leading range of products, Yamato’s strength lies in its corporate philosophy to always offer our customers the best machine while keeping the focus on the individual needs and wishes of our customers. The highly qualified Yamato sales and service network offers premium pre- and after-sales consulting and support as well as top quality and extensive customer service, thereby guaranteeing your machines a long life in good working order.

Multipoint Discharge

From 1 up to 6 Discharge Gates Yamato Multihead weigher can fill tray lines, cup lines, HFFS, VFFS, rotary packing machines and other similar packaging applications. Multipoint Discharge allows increase of production.

Simultaneous Combination
Realized high accuracy and output. Less give away for a fast return-on-investment.
Case examples of advantages of the Omega Frontier concept:
Confectionery Products:
For example, ADW‐O‐0114F enables a high speed 200 bags per minute into single tube with 2‐way by candies by 50 g target weight. The ADW is also perfect for a Duplex Packaging Machine using the simultaneous 2 point discharge.
The ADW-O-0128F runs with a speed of 320 bags per minute for candies with a target weight of 100g into a 4 tube line cup filler.
Fresh Products:
The ADW‐O‐0620F With a target weight of 500g of vegetables, ADW‐O‐0620F enables high speed weighing at 180 bags per minute (3 x 60 bpm) with a 3-point simultaneous discharge.
High Speed Weighing:
The ADW-O-0132F enables really high speed weighing, 600 weighments per minute with a 6 point simultaneous discharge.

There are more applications available, like snacks, fresh and frozen, dry and pet food products.

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The Yamato Omega Frontier Concept expands further future of weighing packaging systems:

  • Reducing number of production lines
  • Reducing production costs (less operators)
  • Saving operation space by smaller machines
  • Less waste by increasing the product window
  • Less film costs by gentle speed and high output
  • Better ROI by extended machine life