Checkrod Less Loadcell

In 1952, YAMATO was the first Japanese manufacturer to successfully put an electrical resistance wire strain gauge load cell. Since then, we go forward electronically weighing and have been development of high accuracy, compact and quickly operation of load cell.

In stainless steel with IP65 and explosion-proof construction, Yamato’s built-in check-rod type loadcell model: CD51 apply to various purpose and circumstances.




Stainless steel
In stainless steel and Explosion-proof construction, CD51 type loadcells apply to various purposes and circumstances.

Explosion proof (CD5 series)
Intrinsic safety (i3AG4)

Countermeasures against earthquake
Anti-lifting device as standard equipment
Controlling vertical motion of tank under inland earthquake

Total cost down
Built-in check-rod type loadcells ensure saving cost (70% of that of our conventional company products)


Selectable either model: EDI-801 or model: EDI-911