The new ALPHA – Series | Value Line

The best value for money in terms of flexibility, precision and high speed.

Enter the world of the Yamato Multihead Weighers with the models of the Alpha-Series.

The models of the Alpha-Series are characterized by their robust design and their longevity, while offering the best value for money.

Yamato – one of the most renowned names in the domain of multihead weighers – is behind the quality of the Yamato Alpha-Series.
The good reputation of Yamato comes along with these models.

Flexible, High Speed, Economical

The Yamato Alpha-Series weighers are available in five configurations with different models and weigh heads:

10 head for speed up to 70 weighments per minute (wpm)
14 head for 120 wpm
20 head for twin applications

Each represents an excellent combination of value and performance.

The Innovations

Weigh Sensor under the Top Cone
springless buckets with round corners
LCD color touch screen for easy to use

For the bucket door actuation, the Alpha-Series weighers are equipped with accurate stepper motors working at a constant high level of performance.
The programmable motor patterns ensure that speed and efficiency are adjusted to the wide variety of products.
The new ALPHA compact, 14 heads for smaller volumes and less traget weight up to 200 gr.

Color LCD Display

Easy to maintain and easy to use.

Modular Actuator Unit

The modular Actuator Unit incorporates the high-performance Yamato Strain Gauge Load Cell with the stepper motor drive system. This modular design provides for quick and easy troubleshooting and maintenance. .

High Performance Weighing Accuracy

The Yamato Alpha-Series weighers achieve the highest accuracy by combining Yamato’s proprietary Strain Gauge Load Cells with Yamato’s patented Digital Filtering that virtually eliminates the influence of external vibration.

Maximum Up-time

Through the use of modular actuators, easy-to-use operator interfaces, self-diagnostics, and easy maintenance, the Yamato Alpha-Series weighers provide maximum up-time for maximum return on investment.